PCB Design Workshop

November 2021 we hosted this workshop to help members develop their own PCBs from the software phase for physical use!

Radio Transmitter and Receiver

On October 23rd and 24th, members of IEEE designed and soldered a radio transmitter and a radio receiver for themselves in this two day workshop!

Audio Amplifier Workshop

During the 1st week of October, the audio amplifier workshop will ask members to use soldering in order to build their very own audio amplifier with both volume and gain. This workshop serves as a great way for members to get hands on experience with both soldering and electronics.

Microcontroller Breadboarding Workshop

Taking place from on the 15th and 16th of September, IEEE UCF will host its first workshop of the Fall 2021 semester! Challenging members of UCF IEEE to design and create three circuits with the Arduino Nano. This workshop can serve as any ones introduction to microcontrollers!

E-Week DIY Power Supply Workshop

During Engineering Week 2021 in February, IEEE UCF will be hosting another installment of our CDC-safe in-person technical workshops! This semester’s workshop will bring participants the opportunity to build their own lab bench power supply to be used for all of their electrical needs at home! Through the use of outdoor soldering stations at the Lake Claire Recreational Center and spread out shifts, we plan to bring the unique opportunity of getting safe hands-on technical experience in these troubling times to 25 participants!

Solar Charger Workshop

This past fall at the Lake Claire Recreation Center, IEEE UCF orchestrated a workshop that allowed for nearly 50 students to craft their very own solar-powered phone chargers! Through the guidance of Technical Director Brad Marshall and Chair Alexander Parady, this build allowed for members to gain skills in electrical design, soldering, battery technology, and renewable energy, all while building a practical device to take home and be used by participants. To maintain proper health and safety measures, we constructed eight socially-distant soldering stations, spread out participants into six separate shifts over two days, and had student volunteers disinfect each station after use.
During these difficult times, events like this are a beacon of hope for how innovation and appropriate planning can allow for cherished experiences to continue through the adversity of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the going gets tough, UCF Knights will always find a way to Charge On!

Texas Instruments Embedded Systems Workshop

In collaboration with our sponsor Texas Instruments, IEEE UCF hosted our Embedded Systems Workshop that allowed for 25 participants to get to program and utilize our custom PCB and MSP430 apparatus! The workshop allowed for experienced and novice engineers to get hands-on experience while staying safe during the pandemic and gave them an exciting introduction to our partner’s technology! Through the course of the event, TI gave a short informative presentation, our technical director Lucas Saber introduced fundamental concepts to students, and students live programmed onto their device using CCS, giving them a headstart into the realm of embedded systems!