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Meet with the officers on Discord

We are regularly available on our Discord if there’s anything you’d like to know. Stop by and have fun!

Aden McKinney | Chair

I am a third-year, honors Computer Engineering student who has been active in IEEE UCF since the fall of my freshman year. I was a CWEP at Lockheed Martin the summer and fall going into my sophomore year, and this past summer completed an internship at the NASA JPL focused on Robotic Verification and Validation. Through this internship, I developed a technical interest in autonomous robotics that has led to me conducting research on multi-agent autonomous systems back here at UCF. Alongside my technical interests, I love the community at IEEE UCF, and am excited to lead the organization that has shaped me into the engineer I am today.

Tobiah Bower | Vice Chair

I’m studying Electrical Engineering on the Communications and Signal Processing Track with interests in the applications of control systems and audio. I’m currently a systems engineering CWEP at Lockheed Martin; and as vice president of IEEE UCF, aim to bolster the organization’s level of professionalism, service, and sociability. I also enjoy serving and growing in community with his church, motivated by faith and bound by love.

Megan Bailey | Secretary

I’m a sophomore Computer Engineering major with a minor in Music. I am interested in embedded systems and hope to combine my love of music with my passion for software and hardware. I currently work as a Software Engineer Intern at Lockheed Martin. As Secretary, I prepare and send out biweekly newsletters, maintain communications with other organizations, and assist others on the Executive Board. I also hope to inspire women to pursue careers in engineering.

Kate Archibald | Treasurer

As treasurer of the club, I look forward to ensuring the financial backing for all the incredible opportunities we have in store. I am currently pursuing a degree in electrical engineering and my passion lies in the themed entertainment industry. This past summer I had the privilege of interning at Universal, an experience that deepened my industry interest and provided valuable insights and what I can continue to contribute to our club this year.

Cory Brynds | Project Chair

I’m a 3rd-year Electrical Engineering major with a minor in Computer Science. I am interested in hardware design, and I want to work as a physical designer for analog/digital integrated circuits. In my free time, I enjoy reading/listening to music, going to the gym, and traveling with friends. In the past, I have worked at Limbitless Solutions and nScrypt, two companies in Research Park, as an electrical engineering intern. As Project Chair, I hope to see our ongoing collaborative projects through to completion, help our new projects get off to a strong start, and support members in completing their own personal projects.

Ethan Baker | Workshop Chair

I’m a second year Electrical Engineering student. I also work at the UCF climbing tower and am currently an intern at Capacitech. My main role at IEEE is to organize and direct our workshop directors and manage collaborations and the schedule.

Rafael “James” Puig | Service Chair

I’m an honors sophomore majoring in electrical engineering with a minor in leadership in engineering. I have completed an internship working at a 2,000+ MW power generation site. In my role as service chair, I am responsible for creating workshops tailored to middle and high school students, leading teams to host these workshops, organizing volunteer activities, and providing support to fellow E-board members.

Alex Evison | Social Chair

I’m a sophomore studying electrical engineering. Some things I like about my field of study are electromagnetic fields and electronics engineering. Some of my personal hobbies include computers and chemistry, or at least how certain chemical compounds are made and their properties. I’ve been a part of IEEE for a year now and I’ve gotten to see the opportunities this club provides and how it builds a community for anything interested in electronics. I plan to further bring this community together through social events and provide a space for students to build off each other’s ideas.

Jonathan Williams | ProDev Chair

I’m majoring in Electrical Engineering (Comprehensive Track) and minoring in Technical Communication. Alongside those duties, I am a member of the Future Technical Communicators, Society for Technical Communication, Association for Computing Machinery, and the Cypress Dome Society – where I have served as the Treasurer. In my role at IEEE UCF, I wish to expand opportunities through mentorship programs, diversify skill sets for engineers, and close the gap between technical writing and engineering.

Janani Nagaraj | Marketing Director

I’m currently in my 2nd year majoring in Computer Engineering. I’m extremely fascinated by the intersection between technology and creativity through augmented reality, visualization, and robotics. When I am not working on circuits and algorithms, you’ll find me designing clothing, graphic designing, or performing on stage. Last year, I was on the marketing committee and during my time I gained a lot of insights into the club’s dynamics. I’ve also interned at a science museum in Fort Lauderdale and am currently interning as a CWEP at Lockheed Martin. I’m excited to contribute to this club through innovative merchandising, strategic advertising, and I’m determined to encourage more people to join the club!

Michael Castiglia | Software Chair

As a second year honors Computer Engineering student, I have worked with several clubs including IEEE and KXR in multiple capacities. I’m interested in FPGAs and their broad use in industry, especially in prototyping and allowing for greater efficiency in projects. I have previously worked for NextEra Energy during an internship and plan to have several more in the future.

Michael Meyers | Outreach Director

I am a junior student studying electrical engineering and biomedical sciences. As outreach chair, I seek to propel IEEE UCF to new heights with our industry connections. I look forward to serving you for the next year!