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Rafael Puig | IEEE UCF President

Honors ECE | 3rd Year

Since first joining the club my freshman year, I've acquired firsthand experience from internships at both power generation and substation companies, along with a passion for exploring magnetic devices through undergraduate research! As President of IEEE at UCF, I look forward to encouraging growth and camaraderie within our club and creating abundant opportunities for members.

By inviting industry professionals to speak, leading diverse and well-organized projects, and facilitating a strong sense of community, Rafael aims to elevate IEEE at UCF to new heights of excellence and professional development!

Questions or Concerns?

We mainly use Discord for communication, so please don’t hesitate to reach out or ask questions. Can’t wait to meet you!

Janani Nagaraj | Vice President



Alex Evison | Secretary


Michael Castiglia | Treasurer

Honors CpE – 3rd Year


Orion Brown | Software Chair

CpE – 2nd Year

“During the time I've been involved in IEEE, I've done service events, robot competitions, and even conferences. These opportunities have truly helped me grow and explore the realm of computer engineering, so I want to help the club grow and develop in return!“

As Software Chair, Orion aims to revitalize and automate our club's websites and discord, hoping to better his technical skills and attract even more members!

Matias Guillen | Project Chair

ECE – 2nd Year

“Hello! My name is Matias Guillen. I am currently studying electrical engineering and serving as the Project Chair for IEEE at the University of Central Florida. My technical interests are centered around microcontrollers, such as Arduinos, as well as PCB design and RF/Microwave engineering.“

Matias's goal as Project Chair is to successfully complete our outstanding projects and enhance the documentation and organizational framework for future endeavors!

Anh Pham | Workshop Chair

CpE – 2nd Year

“Ever since I joined UCF and became a member of IEEE, I've been deeply involved in its activities. One of my ongoing projects is working on a musical Tesla coil, a fascinating endeavor that has captivated my interest.“

As Anh continues to contribute his skills and passion to IEEE via Workshop Chair, his aspiration is to excel in his current position and eventually become a capable workshop chair.

Kate Archibald | Conference Chair


Blake Walker | Outreach Chair

Honors ECE – 2nd Year

“The fields I am most interested in are Embedded Systems and Nanotechnology. I currently work in the NanoBiosensors and Systems Laboratory at UCF. I hope to spend my sophomore year not only improving my own technical skills, but also making IEEE an even better RSO!“

As Outreach Chair, Blake aims to broaden IEEE's industry connections and be a valuable bridge connecting aspiring engineers and industry partners.

Sebastian Candelaria | Service Chair

Honors CpE – 2nd Year

“When I started at UCF last year, I entered IEEE UCF to learn how to get involved in engineering outside my classes. As part of the service committee, I have discovered how giving back to your community, from hosting high school workshops to volunteering at robotics competitions, can make you a better engineer!“

As Service Chair, Sebastian seeks to continue giving service opportunities for our IEEE members to support STEM learning and cultivate future engineers.

Peyton Barnes | Social Chair

Honors CpE – 2rd Year

“I enjoy playing games and occasionally touching grass. IEEE has been a great way for me and many others to make friends and I hope to continue facilitating those opportunities!“

As Social Chair, Peyton seeks to plan a bunch of fun new socials for members to participate them and encourage them to form lifelong connections!

Bianca Comrie | Marketing Chair

Marketing – 3rd Year

“My main career goal is to one day have my own marketing agency in the entertainment industry. While in college, I hope to prepare myself by gaining experience in the industry and increasing my knowledge in marketing.“

As a first-year member in IEEE, Bianca's main goals are to acquire new skills and spread awareness about the club!

Parker McLeod | ProDev Chair

CpE – 1st Year MS

“While attending UCF, I've explored careers in Emergency Medical Services, Radio Theory, Software Engineering, Silicon Design Engineering, and Hardware Security Research, among others. I am eager to leverage these diverse experiences to assist my fellow Knights in navigating their career paths at UCF.“

As Professional Development Chair, Parker aims to help fellow Knights discover their passions and convert them into careers. Parker will be organizing events throughout the semester to support Knights on their career journeys.