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Super State Racer

The Super State Racer is IEEE’s EV poised to develop enhancements to the current state of the automotive industry. The project’s hybrid energy storage system combines lithium batteries and ultracapacitors in an attempt to make the vehicle more efficient and limit the effects of degradation on the battery cells. Through the conversion of a combustion go-kart, this project bridges various disciplines in electrical design, software integration, control systems, and mechanical enhancements to turn what’s old into the new.


Collaboration between IEEE, ASME, AIAA, and the Robotics Club to create a swarm of drones capable of carrying a custom LED payload, meeting flight requirements, and capable of autonomous flight to ultimately put on a coordinated drone light show.


Collaboration between IEEE and the Audio Engineering Society to crate a multi-effect C++ audio plugin in Virtual Studio Technology, which is capable of interfacing with various digital audio workstations to synthesize and produce music and other audio effects. This project will implement concepts from digital signal processing, filter design, and UI/UX design.

SoutheastCon Hardware Competition

Building a fully autonomous robot to compete in the upcoming IEEE SoutheastCon 2024 Hardware Competition in March. The robot will undergo an initial design phase, prototyping phase, and testing phase. This multidisciplinary project will integrate autonomous navigation, mechanical design, and control systems.

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