Photonics LED Sculpture

Working in tandem with a photonic science team from the Society of Optical Students, IEEE UCF is developing a photonics sculpture to be displayed in the UCF engineering building. This sculpture will be UCF themed centered around the Pegasus academic mascot and will utilize laser, LED, and fiber optic technology to interact with spectators, including using lasers to change colors and play music! 
This semester, we are building two prototypes to test capabilities on the project, and the final sculpture has hopes to be completed in Fall 2021. Sponsors will have the chance for exposure to all university students and be a significant source of pride through this collaborative effort across the sciences and arts. Your organization can contribute to this effort and be represented at the forefront of this inspiring project!

Team Lead: Miguel Aponte

Contact: Reach out to Miguel Aponte through on the IEEE discord or email him at

Next Meeting: To Be Announced soon!

Autonomous Disinfection Robot

One of our premiere projects this year is the Disinfection Robot. The pandemic has significantly affected our daily lives worldwide, and we want to lend our resources and expertise to the fight against COVID-19. That is why we have partnered with IEEE Region 3 and the Office of Undergraduate Research to design and produce a robot that can sanitize high-contact surfaces of the SARS-CoV-2, as well as many other pathogens.
The robot works using Ultraviolet Type-C (UVC) radiation, which affects the DNA and RNA of viruses and bacteria to render them harmless. We will be able to disinfect all of the surfaces in a room in mere minutes as the robot autonomously traverses the room using sensor data and a navigation algorithm. The robot’s mechanical design will allow it to maneuver around tight spaces to ensure that no surface is left behind!
A multidisciplinary project like this requires a diverse team of researchers in computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, power, physics, and biomedical science.
The project’s scheduled completion date is November 2021, at which point the robot will be donated for use in the UCF Health Services Clinic on the university’s campus!

Team Lead: Taylor Barnes

Contact: Reach out to Taylor Barnes over discord or through his email

Robotic Arm

One of IEEE UCF’s long-standing projects, the Robotic Arm has been a beginner-friendly way to bring in new engineers to work hands-on with experienced mentors. This past year, we have implemented mechanical, electrical, and foundation improvements and are now looking to install Bluetooth control of the arm and implementing added mbility. Some short-term goals for this project include playing party games with the arm, performing rudimentary tasks for the controller, and analyzing objects using machine learning. Our most ambitious long-term goal involves creating a haptic glove to control the movements!

Team Lead: Seana Falvey

Contact: Reach out to Tony Du, Mena Mishricky, or Seana Falvey on Slack with any questions.

Next Meeting: To Be Announced Soon!