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Alexander Parady is a senior electrical engineering student and two time chair of IEEE UCF. While leading IEEE, his goal has been to provide opportunities to all of UCF that pushes the boundary on what many see as possible for students to accomplish. His additional experience includes working with Tesla Motors, NEI Electrical Power Engineering, and on an honors undergraduate thesis with Dr. Zhihua Qu.

Andrew O’Reilly is a senior studying Electrical Engineering, focused in power and energy. He has an interest in renewable energy and is currently working as an intern at Mitsubishi Power. As Vice Chair, Andrew’s main duties are to oversee the Knight’s Open Circuit podcast and communicate with committee chairs.

Lance Madarang is a senior majoring in Electrical engineering and minoring in mathematics. I am more focused on the power and renewable aspect of EE and want to pursue a career that focuses on smart grid technology or any energy related jobs. As secretary, I am responsible for handling the bi-weekly newsletters, maintaining the mail inbox, and most importantly, responding and address any information that needs attention.

Tony Du is an Electrical Engineer major in his senior year at UCF, interested in pursuing a career in power and renewable energy. As treasurer, he is responsible for budgeting finances to allow IEEE UCF to take on various projects and workshops.

John Gierlach is a 2nd Year Computer Engineering student with a concentration in Digital VLSI. Field-Programmable Gate-Arrays (FPGAs) are fascinating integrated circuits that can be customized based on consumers’ needs. As I continue my education, I would love to learn more about FPGAs to build power and efficient embedded systems to strive for a better future.

As Project Chair, it is my duty and privilege to oversee the development of the future/current IEEE projects and workshops. This entails: planning out semesterly workshops, designing multi-disciplinary projects, and assisting any current projects/workshops with their development.


Natalia Botero is a Junior Electrical Engineering major interested in power, renewable energy and automation. As the service chair she’s looking to integrate nature, engineering and making the world a better place through community involvement. Her plan is to focus on sustainability for the future, inspiring the next generation of stem students and educating to build awareness through implementation.

Antonia Jimenez, is an international student, originally from Colombia. She is currently an Electrical Engineer major, with an expected graduation date for Fall 2023. As the social chair, and as one of the few girls in the E-board she wants to inspire women to keep fighting an persuading their dreams as engineers, and to become shapers of the world. Moreover, she wants to get more international students to the organization and help them in their path.

Abdul-Malik Mustapha is a senior electrical engineering major. His interests includes power electronics and control system design. As the professional development chair, he hopes to bridge the gap between engineering students and working professionals by preparing IEEE members for the challenges they may face in the workplace.

Muhammad Gudaro is a current senior and electrical engineering major. He is also an intern at Collins Aerospace in Cedar Rapids, IA. He is interested in test engineering within the aerospace/aviation industry. As the marketing director for IEEE UCF, he aims to promote the club to a larger audience through pictures, videos, posters, and hopes to grow the club’s social media pages.

Brandon Jones is a current senior and electrical engineering major. His interests range from  software engineering to PCB design. As the website manager, he hopes to keep the information in IEEE updated and simple to access. Also he hopes to develop an IEEE application to better centralize information for members in the future.

Suboh Suboh is an UCF professor who graduated from George Washington University with PHD in Computer Engineering.