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John Gierlach is a junior Computer Engineering major with a focus in digital VLSI. As President of IEEE UCF, he intends to bring new opportunities to students and members at UCF by exposing them to industry professionals and practices. In addition to this, he plans to collaborate with other student engineering organizations to broaden the understand of engineering to the students at UCF. He is currently interning at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) as a Systems Engineer with an emphasis on hardware development and plans to go to Georgia Tech for his M.S. in Computer Engineering.
Antonia Jimenez is an international student originally from Colombia. She is currently a Computer Engineering major, with an expected graduation date of Fall 2023. As the Vice President this year and the only girl on the E-board, she wants to inspire women to keep fighting and pursuing their dreams as engineers. Moreover, she wants to get more international students into the organization and help them in their career paths.
Fahim Ahmed is a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering with a focus on electronics and RF. Fahim comes with a diverse background, being a former mechanical engineering major, prior materials science researcher, and now MEMS researcher in the ECE Department. As secretary, he is responsible for preparing and sending out bi-weekly newsletters, maintaining communications with other organizations, and assisting others on the E-Board.
Nicholas Alm is a junior in the College of Finance, with minors in Financial Technology and Computer Science. He is interested in a career in the wealth management side of Financial Technology. As treasurer, He is responsible for maintaining the budget and organizing the materials for all IEEE projects, events, and workshops.
Aden McKinney is an honors sophomore electrical engineering major who is also pursuing a minor in computer science. He is interested in embedded systems and their applications, including the internet of things, and is currently a systems engineering CWEP at Lockheed Martin. Looking forward, Aden wants to continue solidifying IEEE UCF’s technical accomplishments through completed and thorough projects and workshops, as well as grow himself through his technical and professional duties as project chair.
Julia Lampert is a senior majoring in electrical engineering with a focus on power and renewable energy. Julia has done undergraduate research in microgravity in the Physics Department and has an internship working with nuclear power. As service chair, she is responsible for organizing volunteer events, keeping the UCF campus and Orlando clean, making recycling more important, and assisting other E-board members.
Dimitri Cabrera is an upcoming Senior currently studying Electrical Engineering, with an expected graduation date of Spring 2023. Aspiring to learn more about embedded systems and how to integrate hardware and software systems, Dimitri Cabrera is hoping to develop his skills in this field. As the Social Chair of IEEE UCF, Dimitri wants to help improve community relations among members of IEEE UCF and between IEEE UCF and other clubs within the College of Engineering.
Tobiah Bower is studying Electrical Engineering on the Communications and Signal Processing Track with interests in audio and control systems. Tobiah hopes to show that professional development and managing an efficient workflow are just as important as any engineering skill.
DeAndre Hendrix is a Computer Engineering undergraduate currently interning as a Computer Science Scholar at Limbitless Solutions. He is interested in embedded systems engineering and graphic/video design. As the marketing director for IEEE, DeAndre aims to promote the club through pictures, videos, posters, and other media.
Jonah Sprandel is a sophomore electrical engineering major. As webmaster, he maintains the IEEE UCF website and aims to automate various processes within the club. He also hopes to make electrical engineering topics more accessible to students through a new video series on the IEEE UCF YouTube. Jonah is currently interning at ApECOR, a local power electronics company.

Suboh Suboh is an UCF professor who graduated from George Washington University with PHD in Computer Engineering.