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Watch Our New Podcast!

We have finally launched our new podcast: Knights Open Circuit! Our hosts, Brian Smith and Fernando Oriundo, will talk to industry professionals about their careers, their professional interests, and even get some advice for aspiring engineers. In this first episode, we talk to Dr. Reza Abdolvand, an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCF. He leads a research group called Dynamic Microsystems Lab, advising several researchers on a variety of projects in the field of micro-electro-mechanical systems. He and his team have authored more than 80 journal and conference papers and two book chapters and his group is world-renowned for their contributions in the fast-growing thin-film piezoelectric resonator technology and its applications.

Dr. Abdolvand also teaches a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses in the general area of microelectronics including linear circuits I and II, Electronics I and II, Introduction to MEMS, Introduction to Sensors, and two graduate courses on microfabrication techniques. Dr. Abdolvand is the recipient of the 2019 UCF teaching Incentive Award, and the recipient of the 2018 College of Engineering Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award.

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